Full Moon..........

full moon... gaze upon the earth and it's folly.... foolish as it's conquests and misinformed as it's victories.

Will it ever learn, thrive rise against. Will it ever question, fight back, push against...

full moon you make me wonder what you're made of. Is it the pain of defeat or the conquest.... is it the mastery of pain or the luxury of the forever lame....

Will we be content to know what should not be known or know for what it is we are dependent upon.

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I enjoy reading about the moon, this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

You're very welcome. And thanks so much for the compliment. I used to write poetry a lot and now I'm trying to reclaim the inspiration.

it will come slowly. This is a good start. =]

Thank you. One of my favorite photographers Minor White used to write poetry to go with his pictures. Sometimes one loses sight of that need to be expressive since we're all so busy fighting for survival.

Exactly. And whatever that type of expresion is...helps a lot too.

There is a chief of staff in some hospital or another who requires his medical staff to come to meetings with at least one original poem they've written themselves. He wants to keep his doctors from becoming dehumanized by the rigors of medicine and keep them somehow connected to the humanities. I think it's a great idea.

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thanks<br />
I have a special relationship with the moon<br />
It always looks more amazing the night after the full moon

And thank you for reading the post. The moon fascinated me ever since I saw 2001:a space odyssey where they find the monolith in the crater. Maybe it's the starkness and desolation that's not unlike the kind of thing I dream of at times.

I have never thought of it being a dark entity, stark and desolate
I look at it and welcome it as an old friend and family member

maybe there is a dark side of the moon lol ;-P

I think the moon is more like a Rorschach test. We see what we want to see in it.