Dumb Girl

listen while i tell ya a story abouta girls hard trin
she planned to taking over the world, just so she could hand it all over to ryan
she saw inside him saw all his genius
she wanted him for his mind had nothing to do with his wenus,
he opened her eyes.she saw his beauty.
she started hanging on everyword instead of playing call of duty
she'd sit there in her chair just stare and admire him like she was a little kid
listening to him make up funny *** words like looper and lipskid

she is amazed
cant break her gaze unh
they call him rooster
she just sits there
still as her chair uhh

stucker than a muther ******
when he opened his mouth he'd talk for hours and he'd just let his knowledge flow.
she knew from the very first night she'd never gonna want to let him go
when he beatboxed there was no question for her she was done
there wasnt anyone else in the world nope he was the only one
making him happy to her it came so damn natrraully
but of course disastrously struck a catastrophe and now she has to let it be done?
whatever that **** is done

now she has been shown just how ****** up this world was spun, dumb
she cant have him cause he instead he would rather be a stupid dumb one
he says he sorry but baby he just dont feel the same
but i guess i didnt understand the rules of this game
i thought love was a real thing not just a tale
but epically apperently miserably i failed....
cause i opened my heart and let u inside
and in their i surprisingly did find
unconditionally.. the meaning the definition.
why must i feel this be put in this position?
to be blessed with determination,
and be cursed with damnination,
to want inside your space station
cause its so much funand i know u are the only one
crazy enough to take this world with me as one
whyawannano whyawannano
31-35, F
Sep 8, 2012