My Poetry-please Read ^_^

Okay....this is my first time sharing any of my poetry. Because these are rough drafts, and I am still in the process of editing, tell me what you think, but try to be a nice as possible. Also, do not steal any of my this is all original, and I have worked very hard to write these poems. Feel free to mp me as well with any questions.

Poem 1: Two Sides of Man:

There are two sides of man I say
both the angel and the demon
entwined in an eternal battle
against one another
for one is Night, and one is Day.

The Angel, the Tainted flower
awakes within us, at this hour
thirsting for Righteous things yonder
their folly, tragic flaw, is their bond
to Loyalty, Bravery, and Honor.

The Demon, ever so cunning and sly
covets nothing but strength and power.
Independent, a self-serving legacy
their folly is their pride
and arrogance, their own enemy.

There are two sides of man I say
where one is righteous, the other nefarious
So allike in their parallel ways.
They are mirrors, one solid, one broken
their battle within us, a tapestry, yet to be woven.

Soooo.....what do you think?? I write in all sorts of styles, and am kind of a newbie at this. Maybe i'll post some more of my work...But until then, I hope you enjoyed.

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2 Responses Sep 8, 2012

You have good talent and the power to inspire.<br />
<br />
Well done and keep them coming!

thank you so much :)

Could you post them separately,<br />
It is a bit hard on the eyes like this all in one...<br />
They are great BTW

sure xD