The Idea

The Idea

A man took his daily walk
Down a path trodden by none
The trees hid the destination 
And thorny plants grew on the side.

Everyday he marveled at it's beauty,
Everyday he strode in wonder,
Everyday he saw a new marvel,
Everyday he saw the new undiscovered path gleam.

One day he brought a friend with him,
He too gasped in wonder,
The next day the friend's friend came,
Left agape in amazement.

Hordes of people followed,
The path became like any other,
It was transformed into an highway,
So that everyone could share that wonder.

Today it is an ordinary thing,
The path lost it's gleam,
The path lost it's difference,
The path lost the wonder.

The man is old now,
He still walks by it everyday,
Proud of what it became,
Only in his death bed he repents and regrets.

The man saw that the path no longer remained,
The path which he saw once did exist any more,
It became a shadow,
A shadow of an idea that once existed and glowed.
Thethinkingthinker Thethinkingthinker
18-21, M
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some tread paths become comfortable