Blade Blood And Lace

Hurting inside
Want to hurt outside
Make the pain inside go away
I will always runaway
Fromt he pain inside me
Because it will never let me be
Everything is too much to handle
All youll ever hear is a scandal
Of a girl who ran to far
When they raised the bar
Scarring herself wasnt enough
Emotionally she wasnt tough
Everywhere she went
She was discontent
The shouts in her ears were just sneers
Sneers of there goes the emo girl with the tears
Tears of blood dripping down her face
Blood and lace
All undone
A girl who will not become
An angel
An empty body that will roam the earth
Searching for happiness that will never come
LittleLion19 LittleLion19
18-21, F
Sep 10, 2012