White Lines

Beautiful white lins
Make words
On a girls thigh
The beauty of her art
Disgusts most people
Th words are what she is but never says
I dont want to hurt inside anymore
All of that is all over her thigh
White scars
195 cuts
Plus about 50 others that dont say anything
This is what she is
If you dont like it leave
Dont say anything
Sont hurt her
She cant take it
Shes to fragile for the words you want to say
She'll take whatever word stuck out the most and put it on her thigh
As a reminder
A reminder not to do what made them leave
What made them so mad as to yell at her
And if its the cutting you are leaving her for
Not worth it will soon be on her thigh
Because she is not worth your trouble
Shes not worthy of getting the help she needs
Shes just not worth it
LittleLion19 LittleLion19
18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

This is me too. Just the The thoughts, the words. Just the same. I understand. Thank you. <3