Oh The Pain

He looks out his window

out on the street is a girl 

who he thinks is in a white dress

he then runs out to see

then he see his hands so full of hate

he starts to fear the pain 

pain that never will go away

oh how he is on the road

his life not his to have 

oh that girl runs to see

what breaks her is a lot

that pain she had gone 

she wants to be free 

oh in his mind she is oh real 

so real to him

she will never be free

oh that girl in the white dress 

one time she was real to everyone

but now she is gone

but he is the only one who sees her

oh so gone 

she left on a wind and how she fly

that one cut becomes 2 or more 

oh how he just cares 
Sammieangel Sammieangel
18-21, T
Sep 13, 2012