Her Love For Him Is As Big As The Ocean.

Her love for him was as big as the ocean , so she laid her heart down to cover the sea.
‘Lets meet in the middle’ he said to her, ‘Long distance is over’ she said to he.
They crossed the land, that once belonged to her, but now belonged to them.
Their love was a flower, but out of reach. The long walk they walked - the stem.

But unknown to her, and unknown to him, combined weight of their bodies too much.
Her heart started cracking beneath their feet, it would not last until they touch.
Not long before their paths would meet, the ground below gave way.
They fell to the ocean, their lives now gone, at least on the seabed together they’ll lay.
DellyBelly DellyBelly
1 Response Sep 13, 2012

Nice! love gone by, that could of been. I like it.