Oh Fog So Blue

the fog is deep

there she is standing at the end

the fog so blue 

all you see is her face 

I run through the fog to find her

oh the fog so blue 

as I run to her all I see is her face

oh the fog so blue 

near the end I may be 

so far away from where you are 

tho the fog so deep and so blue 

I come to you at the end of the fog 

you put your hand out there 

oh the fog so blue it goes 

I take your hand 

you take mine 

oh I see the fog so blue go away 

and there we see a sea so blue 

you find me and I  find you 

oh on the plane we go across 

the sea so blue
Sammieangel Sammieangel
18-21, T
Sep 14, 2012