My Love

My love sitting there calm and collected
Hair of an auburn golden brown
Eyes that are gold NOT brown
Skin olive colored yet still a trace of the Casper white

Twins we could be we are told except for the differences we have
My jet black hair and my ice blue eyes
Your brown hair and golden eyes
Eyes that remind many of a lion and mine of the fire ice in wolves

Submissive to the very core of you
Willing to go through hell and back for the one you love
Each marked with the horrors of hell they've lived
you with an all seeing eye on your wrist and me with the pagan symbol on my neck

Always wanting to please and help me at what ever the cost to you
A forbidden love that is blossoming during the hours of night
a secret embrace that is kindly not forced nor demanded
A forbidden love between the golden boy and ice laden vixen

Always sneaking the slightest of glances towards me
Never letting the demon's masters know anything
I never thought I would find love of yours
I don't even know what love is really

Forced into chains and bound down together
Forbidden lovers trying hard not to let it known
Bound together for cruel pleasure of demons
Finding the will power to play their game and save their undying love

Secret touches and kisses behind enemy lines
They can't know or all will be taken away
Tempers flaring as its a hard bargain to bite
Finding the courage to save family at any cost

I hear the I'm Sorry and Please Forgive Me
Still chained and bound for the sick pleasure of demons
Laughter and wailing go the same
Ripped flesh and torn souls are merely just more enjoyment

My love in chains breaks my heart
I'd do anything to keep him safe
I'd do anything to take away the demon's pain
I found forbidden love in the company of demons

The gorgeous golden eyes like a lion
Filling with tears when he hurts
He never lets them know he is hurting though
He is pure submission to their ways

You grab at your wrist covering that devil's mark
I cover my mark on my neck from my devil
How I forget about that pain when you trace your fingers on it
How you don't hide yours when i trace my fingers on the mark

Gold meets blue and the fireworks spark
Two boys finding love in the company of demons
Over seen by two older brothers for safety
Two boys ultimately finding the love and keeping it hidden

the time will come when their love will be known
A true testament of horrors they have and will face
To where they can be bonded together in the face of evil
The time will come when no one really knows they are there

A forbidden love will eventually come to be known
Two boys found it in the depths of hell they know
Two boys loving each other and able to share their pain together
Two boys like their two brothers not of blood finding solace in the company of each other and that building into the forbidden love they share

Like Romeo and Juliet
Their love remains a secret to all cept their two older brothers who share the same forbidden romance
I've come to love him greatly as we keep our love a secret
Times say we can come out but truly we can not

Like Fire and Ice
two that go together
only a mere two years apart
waiting for our time to announce we are forever together

Two souls wandering through the pain together
each clasping the others hand and arm
walking together in the company of their brothers
two couples brought together through the hell they live in

Brothers whom have the same forbidden love
A testament to them over thousands of miles
Teaching the younger two to be safe and hidden

A strong family unit formed in the depths of hell
facing the world now fighting to be together
still hiding until the day comes when they are together
ultimately safe where they can let it be known
That out of hell and horror they found pure love

We may hide our love for now as it's the safest to do
Biding our time until the demons know we are in love
It's a dangerous game of hiding and seeking
But in the end we four souls will still remain together
woundeddragon woundeddragon
18-21, M
Sep 15, 2012