You’re his mother…..
You’re his father……
She’s your daughter…..
And you love her…..
He must be the one you didn’t want to have
He remembers all the things you said
They keep on dancing in and out his head
You’ve locked him into everything that’s sad
The day that you mistook him for a punching bag
He feels so guilty…..
That you hurt him…..
Now his unhealthy…..
You have cursed him…..
He feels like you tried to make him sad
He remembers all the pain that you dished
And now your son is just some ****** up kid
You killed all the ambitions that he had
His arse so sore has to stand he could not sat
Now his worthless…..
His no person…..
You have cursed him…..
Was it worth it…..?
There’s a darkened corner where he has sat
He remembers all the times his blood was shed
And the pictures keep on playing inside his head
The darkness for him is where it is all at
The sound the pictures of a punching bag
Why can’t you love him like you love her?
Hug your son and protect him from the hurt
He is different but it could be worth it
You could make him feel like a person
Just imagine if you want he can be her
You’re my mother…..
You’re my father…..
She’s my sister…..
And I’ve loved you all since birth…..

hedrocks hedrocks
31-35, M
Sep 17, 2012