(for my Maxi)

burning bridges emanate glow
to show u the way that you should go
for you I'd light the evening sky
keep your chin up keep your head high

a thousand wild rivers you've cried
i want to make your pain subside
i watch your tears gushing to sea
and that is where your tears should be

listen closely and follow this map i'll guide you away from all this crap
start at the bridge take the forest trail
trust your intuition and remove its veil

the road you seek is in plain sight
avoid the darkness, get taken by light
feeling lost and like you're falling apart
you have a map tattoed in your heart

now look back, see how far you've come
can u hear the jembe drum
nature's beauty all around
scents of incense floating found

serene and calm - dismissed all fear
soothing presence of spirit guides near
air is thick, comforting and warm
tasting freedom in this delightful form

i am you and you are me
we are one and we are free
let it all go, just release
here your soul can be at peace

nothing can harm you
nothing sad
this world knows only perfection
nothing bad
LucidLanz LucidLanz
26-30, F
Sep 19, 2012