Be Strong.....

When I am saying goodbye to you, in my head I tell myself...
Be strong.
When I walk away from you I whisper…
Be strong.
When I close that door and walk down that hall I say...
Be strong.
When I am lying in bed thinking about you I tell myself...
Be strong.

Repeating those two words doesn’t change a thing.
It doesn’t take away the pain or the unbearable sting.
It doesn’t do justice in OUR world.
A full of life couple, but when separate, alone.... boy and girl.
We came together at a random point in our lives,
Like shoe laces, we were just meant to be tied.
Something beautiful and well cherished,
But by the end of the day,
When we are going our separate ways it felt as if what we had was being demolished.
Our relationship is different than most.
We argue, and fight, cant see each other as much as we like.
But by the end of the day we swallow our pride and say… Be strong.
SeliKeli SeliKeli
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 20, 2012

this is beautiful.

Thank you so much (: