S E N S U A L and S I L K Y !

SILK is always sensuous especially in the bedroom !

FUR  enhances the beauty of PAULA from SIBERIA

DENIM  Tailored to fit - Designed to enhance !

COTTON  Cool and sophisticated for any occasion !

LEATHER  The ultimate fantasy fabric !

SUEDE  Teamed with Jeans is still chic & fashionable ?

LADIES in LACE  retain their Victorian charm and allure !

Thanks for visiting this presentation of  Sensuous Fabrics
I have an interest in Textiles and i appreciate there are dozens
of others including all the synthetics.  However for one poem
a perfect seven was adequate. Comments welcome BELLE X
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4 Responses Sep 25, 2012

All women are sensual and silky, just one of their many gifts, the clothes they wear just add to their charms XX

Thank you for the lovely reply XX

i go with the silk

wow wow wow topmaks all round again

damn you have awesome tastes

Could not agree i sometimes think i am a lesbian i love the ladies so much..lol