Well I got bored in writting class so I just wrote this please tell me what you think...cause I got some eyeballs going like this at me when I show people my poetry O.O lol so here it is.

The muddy street the rats roam
The children hid with their one eyed dolls
Parents dead, families gone
Alone they are
Fending for themselves
Hiding behind trash cans
Hiding from the master
Who took away their warm homes
Burned them to the ground
Took away their families and shot them in the head
Blood and tears flow through the streets
Flowing past the master’s feet
He betrayed us all and now were almost gone
Except the child with the one eyed doll
deathbyblades16 deathbyblades16
18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Is this just free verse?


Awesome!!!!!!!!!! Good job!!!
I actually have to flag my own poems on Ep. xD

you write peoms!?
I might read now!

lol yep!