The Sight Of The World.

An old man of many years fell to his knees and embraced his tears,
he had no money nor food to eat, down to his last hope or he was beat,
just a maid closing up for the night, when he attacked she wasn't prepaired for a fight,
screaming, crying and a lot of blood,
the elderly man couldn't believe what he did,
He had killed a woman for just a few pound,
He begged for forgiveness as he lay down on the ground.
It was over life had won, he pulled the triggor and fired the gun.
This man was once a banker his name was Ted,
this was before there wasn't enough money in the world for him to be fed.
He never drank neither done drugs,
poor Ted was just down on his luck.
The worlds crumbling..
From America to China, to Scotland to France,
people like Ted don't stand a chance.

Please let me know if you like it. There was more to this poew but this is all i can remember from the top of my head so there is stuff missing in between and this is my first proper shot at poetry not in private.

Thanks for reading..
Anon1994xx Anon1994xx
18-21, F
Sep 28, 2012