A Thousand Miles Away

I love you more with everyday
A thousand reasons; a thousand ways
A thousand words that I could say
From a thousand miles away.
I love you here; I love you now
I need to love you near somehow.
To close this gap between you and me
This thousand mile eternity.
I love your heart; I love your mind
I love your soul a thousand times.
I am yours and you are mine
A thousand miles to undermine.
But I won't give up; nor give in
A thousand miles; so lets begin.
You from your end; me from mine
Meet in the middle; we'll be just fine.


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12 Responses Nov 3, 2012

I love this poem wow it relates to my love story in everyway:-)

thank you very much . . . very cool . . . always best when others can relate . . . 8D

I loved it. Your words seem like they were stitched together seamlessly :)

wow . . . thank you very much for the compliment . . . I am very glad you liked . . . 8D

Of course! You're welcome :)

also thank you for the rate up sweetie . . . much appreciated . . . 8D

That was so sweet, I'm a huge fan of poetry and love to read original poems..
So thank you :-)

thank you very much . . . 8D

Life is just....but love is trust. I remember the days we shared full of laughter. I love you now and I'll love you after. The pain in you leaving tour me apart, because when you left, you took my heart.
P.S. Love your poem!

very good . . . thank you very much . . . gladed you liked Dot . . . 8D

Love it!

thank you Punky . . . 8D . . . makes me happy . . .

beautiful! thank you!

thank YOU very much . . . 8D

What can i say...?
you just owned..!!

wow . . . thank you very much . . . 8D


8D . . .


thank you . . . 8D

I think I am in love, haha. But seriously that was so beautiful!

thank you very much . . . 8D

That was beautiful

thank you . . . 8D

tyvm my beautiful friend..just what i needed.. as well as this xtra added hour to this wonderful morning...your words have given reason to smile the rest of the day ...that i thank you for ...((hugs))

wow . . . you are the best . . . you totally made my day sweetie . . . thank you sooo very much . . . love you my sweetest friend . . . ((hugs)) and a great big SMILE right back atcha . . . 8D