Here We Go Again.

Poem I wrote when I used to be in an on again off again relationship.

Here we go again thinking the way we do.
The future ahead i have absolutely no clue.
I thought one way once before.
Its changed because there is nothing I want more.
Nothing more than to live with no more what ifs and whys.
And remember one memory without ending it with disappointed sighs.
Here we go again trying to fix what i have broken.
And in my spirit a new hope has awoken.
Its something I cant explain but its in the way i see.
Everything around me i begin to see differently.
I'm not sure whats gonna happen, and of that i have no fear.
For now my way of thinking has never been so clear.
I see now all the wrongs in the way that i have thought.
Maybe what could have helped me were the things I had fought.
I fought off all feelings of affection that were too close.
And anything that resembled the word love i certainly did appose.
Now i see things different, though that word still wont leave my mouth.
I feel it someday may when I finally figure it out.
I can make no progress if I fight what i cannot stop.
It is this inevitability that i can never top.
So here we go again thinking of possibilities of us.
Though i know it will be a while before I can win back your trust.
Ill stick around here and hope for this last chance.
Trying to get a grip on this confusing topic of romance.
Ill try my best to make it up, although I'm not sure if or when.
People will see us together and mumble....Here we go again.
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1 Response Nov 6, 2012

been there done that so my question to you is WHY! not me i may learn the hard way , or i have to take a few hits in the head .... i dont take hints very well you know what i mean? you have to spell things out to me soometimes but i eventually get it ........ read my mouth no new taxes...... in other words after on and off relationship four years ........ no thanks

hopefully you can find the answers you are looking for , keep me posted . i am always looking for new ways to handle problems is the a right way or wrong way to handle situations that come our way ? so many so many enjoy life my friend do the best you can . theres more than one way to do things enjoy the choices you make . there is no right or wrong if you just learn .