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We Are The Puppet Masters

We'll stand before all,
And we'll hide in plain sight;
They'll have no say,
For we'll decide what's right.
We'll end their sorrows,
And they'll give us their ears;
We'll sing promises of change,
Whilst we play with their fears.
We'll walk amongst them,
And treat them as dear friends;
We'll plant the seeds of our influence,
They'll be the means to our ends.
We'll Let them eat cake,
Let them gorge themselves on sweets;
But we'll pilfer bits of their willpower.
Let their souls be OUR treats.
We'll wear suits of gold,
But all they'll see will be rags;
We'll be movin' on up,
Don't forget to pack your bags.
Oh yes, we'll be the masters,
Let the world kiss our rings;
For we are the puppeteers,
Feel the pull of our strings!

~Lightning flashes and thunder rolls ~
Kyroe Kyroe 22-25, M Nov 7, 2012

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