The Story Of My Life

[This is the story of my life
The story of a girl
Who drunk a lot of pain and lost her soul]

-she was so young, she had nothing to worry about

Until the devil came and sticked around

The innocence she had turned into devilish acts

She became like a monster that haunts and attacks

Everyone avoided her and they had the right to do that

But did anyone ask why she became that bad ?

No one bothered himself , they all ran away

Leaving that little girl dying day by day

Maybe if they helped her , she would get rid of the devil inside

Yet who cares ? in this world only YOU who stays by your side

If we were all together hand in hand

No one would ever kill himself or even cried

This world would be such a perfect place

Free of devils and endless lies
But wishes are wishes and dreams never come true

The innocent girl who was here died because of you

And yes you are the first ones to blame

No need to give excuses at least have a sense of shame

The girl is gone now, you can’t make her come back

May her story be a lesson that never leaves your mind
Amenita666 Amenita666
18-21, F
Nov 11, 2012