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A Thousand Times

A thousand 'likes'. A thousand comments. A thousand tweets of the same breakfast while we marvel at coincidence.

Because I matter.

Following you following me a thousand times for a thousand disciples; the next more important than the last. A favorite book/song/quote/movie/character/dog leading them to me a thousand times.

Because I matter.

A thousand 'badges' and a thousand 'mayorships' in a thousand virtual realms where I perch at the top of the mountain of my own making. A thousand fish that got away, a thousand tall tales; all stretching the view into something great.

Because I matter.

I matter.

I matter even while work swirls around me unnoticed and uncaring as my thousand 'likes' swim forth with a million others turning a sea of familiarity into an ocean of cacophonic absurdity.

I matter as the search for even more vague and obscure definitions of me become even more meaningless and the friend of a friend of a friend is a more noble conquest than a friend in need.

I matter as my memories gush over and over; reliving the time when and retelling the story when and remembering the special moment when a thousand times as another moment slips into the past.

I matter because a thousand virtual birthday wishes say so even as noone is there to hug me just once but my own wishes fly out ensuring that for a brief moment we are connected a thousand times.

I matter as I copy a thousand times the creation of others connecting to thousands of others whose copies match mine while the spark of creativity dwindles inside my own chest.

I matter while my daughter sits, alone in her room, her own 'likes' cascading into the world perhaps mingling with mine in surprising acknowledgement as we slip past.

I matter as the wail of a child becomes the wail of a grandchild becomes the wail of a soul that sounds the same as my own. It is my own.

Because I matter.

A thousand times.
geetar39 geetar39 46-50, M 14 Responses Nov 17, 2012

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You matter. A thousand times to a thousand people.

Or maybe if you look deeper into yourself,
then you'd realize that you matter to a thousand and one more.

*and remembering the special moment when a thousand times as another moment slips into the past*
This hurts my heart a little. There are entirely too many of those in a lifetime.

Can I 'like' this a thousand times? :)

Only one if fine. It is always a thrill to see your comments.

You, my deep friend... Are a writer (I say that as if I were the expert LOL) but, oh my... I will be contemplating this for some time to come.

Wow. Thanks WS! Coming from you that is an amazing compliment.

Rather brilliant, rather absurd. Made me question life. Only good poems have the power to do that.

Just that you commented is cool. Absurd yes. Brilliant I dunno. Glad you read it. Cheers

*takes a breath* This is intense. You're good. : )

Ummmm. Errrrr. Thanks


holy wow, batman {do you matter as i rated this up 4x?}

"I have set eternity in the hearts of men,"~God.

4 times? Glad this resonated with your. Thanks for commenting FuF.

i just now got this because my notifications are broken or something:) you're very welcome, and it resonated quiiite a bit.


Your a big deal, got it. Your such a big deal that when you whine about all the love, privledge, and praise you must endure that ppl line up to agree with you.

This is sooo friggin' cool, Gee. One never knows what you hide in that beret... or mustache.

Regardless, you do matter. The virtual world does matter. It's a concept of connection that will carry on to the next children of the children. And who knows what may unfold next. We could probably pull your mustache from the screen by then.

Yes it will continue to evolve and the connections made can be fantastic.
If you can pull my mustache, I wonder what I can pull of yours? :-)

You can pull out my sunglasses and I'll cross my eyes for ya.

But you're making me laugh... *whack*

The internet is like the oceans vast and filled with wonders, dangers and mysteries.

Yes it is. Some people get lost it though.

You do matter....

Ya know....Your writing is a lot like paintings certain artists paint and at first glance they are beautiful designs and colors but as you stand and really look at it certain images come out of them....
In some ways you paint a little picture with words...of a moment in time, in your thoughts..that matters cause so many folks just write very specific thoughts about very specific things and we the readers are never really forced to consider or contemplate those words we can just write a specific reply.... That is good too...but when we are forced to stop and look and makes for a very special sort of moment....

Then again, maybe it is just wayyy too early for me to be trying to explain what I think.... :D

Wow what a nice compliment. Thank you Sie. This wasn't about me though (well maybe it was). It was more an observation. A composite of different people I guess and my own experiences.

I really like it. :)
You've a gift for writing.

Thanks Alyssa

Interesting take, excellent illustration.

But as I read your post, my teen daughters are at the dining room table playing Monopoly with the boys from cross the way. It's 'Tech-free Saturday.' They've pledged to turn off their tech devices for 12 hours on 12 consecutive Saturdays - this is the 5th of those. Now I see them planning their Saturday events in advance - instead of reacting to events around them.

They've already moved on past facebook to twitter to tumblr, and it seems likely to me the latest geegaw is already out there somewhere in the ether. But it may be they lead us all away from our own devices. Time, of course, will tell. Peace.

I applaud you sir. Actually I agree. Mine have moved past FB as well.