I love the beauty of the sea
Within its depth a part of me
No better where I'd rather be
The only place that I feel free.
To breathe within its briny air
To feel its breath blow back my hair
At the blue horizon stare
That is where you'll find me there.
I hide within its shallow mists
Amongst the sailors and their ships
I follow along on their trips
And sing a song of love and risk.
If they hear me I know naught
Or is it death they come to sought
I tried to save them as I fought
Myself from also getting caught.
After all . . . I love these men
The ones that dream and can pretend
That I am real and can make amend
Their lonely hearts to their bitter end.


maltesemermaid maltesemermaid
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5 Responses Nov 24, 2012

Very nice Mermaid. Mermaids are mystical creatures that fascinate with their call and beauty. Just like this poem.

awww . . . thanx Charlie . . . 8D

Wow...amazing writing. I love that song and the sea too..I was born and raised beside the ocean and still live there so it has a real deep meaning for me... Thanks so much for sharing this... :)

wow back atcha . . . thank you soo much Sierra . . . the ocean is my 'happy place' for real too . . . glad this was meaningful for you . . . and thank you always for your time to read listen and comment. . . truely appreciated my very busy friend . . . 8D

You writing is always a pleasure to it is real easy for me.... :)

<p>So lovely! the words just flow like water...sounds like a song you would sing :) lov, light !<br />
makes you want to sing! perfect video...painting with a poetic heart ~</p>

thank you Candy . . . I love the sound of that . . . very cool . . . thank you for taking the time to read listen and comment . . . much appreciated . . . hugs love and smiles . . . 8D

As always my friend..i love your reads..i could do this all day and feel very good inside..again thank you so much for sharing.. as this i needed at this time..((HUGS))
Love to you my friend...xoxo

thank you my most sweetest friend . . . it makes me happy to know it makes you feel good . . . thank you most kindly . . . (hugs back) . . . with love . . . and a smile . . . 8D

This poem is beautiful! My youngest daughter loves Mermaids. If she sees one, she stops dead in her tracks. She has a cute lil collection goin. We pick them up at the shore and amusement parks and wherever else we find them. I going to let her read this!

thank you my friend . . . awww . . . so cute . . . glad she likes us . . . lol . . . I love 'em too . . . they are hard to find and tough to collect . . . but worth it . . . thank you for sharing this poem with her . . . I hope she likes it . . . and thank you for taking the time to read and comment my friend . . . appreciated . . . 8D