You raped my sister
Now I'm gonna kick your ******* balls
Think you're gonna get away with it mister
Acting like a Neanderthal

You don't see normal people doing that
Going around attacking young women
Thinking everyone will be your doormat
And I bet you will do it again

I won't let you get away with this
Treating women like sex toys
You're acting like a little ******* pris
Are ya gonna go tell your homeboys?

That now you have finally become a man
Losing your virginity and ****
Did you think that was a good plan?
You're just going to be beaten and hit

Were you just so horny that nothing would help?
Nothing but doing my little sister
Why didn't you give your self some self help?
Instead of becoming a blister

That is now a thorn in her side
Sex will be nothing to her now
All because you decided to take a ride
And thought you could get away with it somehow

You think this is funny?
Did you think this was a joke?
Was it a bet to get money?
Or was it because your ****** needed a poke

Thinking with your balls instead of your head I see
Well let me tell you there is nothing for either of em in prison
Where I hope you will soon be
What you did was basically an act of terrorism

Terrorism against the body, mind, and soul
You're hitting each one individually
And devouring their confidence whole
Sad part is you are doing it sexually

And that is supposed to be enjoyable for both partners
Not just you
LittleLion19 LittleLion19
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012