Rain rain go away
What a silly little rhyme
Don't worry rain I want you to stay
Stay for a long time

We need rain in this dry desert land
To water the crops
Everyone seems to misunderstand
The good in raindrops

I love the rain
It's beautiful and sweet
Rolling down the windowpane
Sounding of a drumbeat

The drumbeat that starts a dance
A dance of wet drops raining down
Now just take your stance
And let the rain drench your gown

Spinning and twirling in the drops
Getting soaked to the bone
Hoping that it never ever stops
The reason to do this is unknown

Let the rain kiss your skin
Become closer to nature
Find the person within
So once again you can be pure
LittleLion19 LittleLion19
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012