Lonely Tree

Sometimes I wished I'd have toys, other years games.
But I don't really remember when, I wished for a woman in my bed.
Maybe when I was ringing groceries, into a laser eyed counter.
Maybe the first time my car got stuck in a snowy patch in winter.

But I remember the boughs of Holly, red poison berries.
Mistletoe, the white and forest green vegetation,
Clean pine floating to my nose, needles falling on my toes.
I hear a drum, a horn, and smell some resin.
Rough be it may, but it's still sweet and pleasing.

Bright boxes, dirty socks, respective hopes.
Food is a common prayer for some.
Some shiver without any coats,
This is a begging poem.

Take the long way around the sea, Love and some verses promise,
Things they'll never keep, Don't go to sleep,Rest by me,
My shade is always here, even when the moon's light behind the clouds
Is being reflected off the sea, Never envy me.

Light a candle, walk a patrol, I just wanted someone, to welcome me home.
The stars remind me, of what I will never see, Let the white fall outside,
I want to get lost inside skeletal trees, drown in snowdrifts and icy memories.

But no ***** wind can scrape off the scent,
Of a woman who exploited a Hint.
GnatFree GnatFree
26-30, F
11 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Very good write.

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I'M getting pissy ? A premenision I see for thee ; It will fall by it's own hand and serpent tounge, on a day, not far away, as fine as this one. Not far away now. A day when the moon, stars, and sun, shed no tears, not one. for all is lost, once gone, then that day will be done. On a day, not far away from this one, Take heed lady, listen, before that day is done.

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wow; deep. makes me think

thank you.

Oh okay. Just making sure. Great talent you have there. =)

Nice colorful poem there. Did u write this ? Or is it written by another. I have my poems written on my stories. Check it out when you can. Forgive Me, I Am Forgiven, and I Am Forgiven 2.

........It says it's "by: me" who do you think wrote it?

You did. Its a great poem. You are a very intelligent Woman.............

I enjoyed this Gnatfree. Thanks for sharing.

I never wish, or play with toys, I know better games.
I was born with two stupid heads
and a yearning for women in my beds

I see you jotting poetry, remembering winter shames
wheels spinning in a patch of snow
I've been there myself, so yes I know

I have not eaten fresh holly's red poison berries.
but I know the scent of sweet pine
and wish, i wish, i knew your mind.

I have not played the drums, horns or other merries
but I know the feel of resin touch
sticky pleasing very much

I hear you, stranger in bright & dirty socks -
dear harbinger of how hope roams -
thus I must write you many poems

I hear you, pull back your softest locks
oh kind stranger shivering
glance averted, lip aquivering

I say, "Let us eat food, sing and dance
Let us pray for love's embrace
and heaven in a smiling face."

I say, "Forget the stars, the plain the sea
Forget it all, and sleep.
Forget it all, rest with me."

And if the moon should dare retreat
I whisper, darling stranger, please
dare love again on bended knees

And if the sun should leave a day incomplete
let the snow melt away
let us become the silence no others dare to say.