Remember When

Remember when we were friends back in that class?
That one I sucked in but you helped me pass.
That's how I wished things could have stayed.
Oh that game we never should have played.
That game that pulls people together and apart.
that game where an ending is also a start.
Do you remember when the game first began?
And of waiting you and me weren't a big fan.
We decided to wait and see how it would go.
Resolving to take things all nice and slow.
It started off good, nothing much to complain.
Although I thought what we were doing was freaking insane.
We were good friends in the beginning, nothing less nothing more.
I never thought you I would one day adore.
Do you remember when we messaged online?
And everything seemed like it was gonna be fine.
How we would make each other smile in our own little way.
How one little comment could make the others day.
Do you remember that time we went out?
and how us being together I had less doubt.
I held you that day and it felt really good.
Though wasn't sure where the two of us stood.
Remember how on the car ride I started to sing?
oh how I now wish I hadn't done that embarrassing thing.
Although at the time it didn't feel out of place.
id do anything to put a smile on your face.
Remember when everything started going down?
and in my own self doubt I started to drown.
How you said everything was gonna work out.
In you to have faith and just not to doubt.
Remember when I found I was third place?
When you went off with that guy in front of my face.
When I went back to someone from my past.
and how everything was ruined so fast.
Remember I tried to tell you how I felt bout this ****?
And how you told me you were simply over it.
Remember how now we talk and its not the same?
Man i wish we never played that game.
At least not with you cuz we were good friends.
And like many others this game puts to their ends.
We are where we are and its not gonna change.
Talking from now on will always be strange.
Remember when I wrote this for you.
Oh wait, no you don't have a clue.
I wrote this whole thing mostly for me.
In an effort to see what i don't want to see.
That's how it is, Ive said it all now.
Time to move on , don't worry I know how
Ill just do what i did last time my luck was so cursed.
Remember well, you were not the first.
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

wow that is so very good