Why Art Thou So Cold?- A Soliloquy By: White Ivory

"Why art thou so cold? 'Tis not the embroidered
silk blanket of sorrow i once held on to.
Draping over the golden pain with "Speak!" leaving empty..
Oh, my thoughts! I have not yet hesitated to ask
"Why art thou so cold?" (in opposition to the moments pain.)
A glass display elevates my own feelings, surely you
shan't have overlooked this one truth! And still i ask
"Why art thou so cold?" when the winters day
cannot compare. The chill consumes any heart that it
comes upon, and still you sit with no inclinations.
No, a heart with such motivation is frozen forever.
Nothing can warm such intentions. Thou art cold,
and i being light, I being not drawn to darkness,
leave you now.With my own intentions, out of the
chilling cold, I seek a never ending summers day."
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Nov 28, 2012