Torn Dress

Wind blowing
Standing at the edge of a cliff
Watching waves beat against the rocks
A girl
Brown hair floating around her
In a torn white dress
A dagger at her thigh
Contemplating the jump
Hands out wide
Like she's ready to fly
Leaning against the wind
Waiting for it to fail her like everything else

Car tires spinning
Driving up to the cliff
To stand and see the storm
A boy
Sees something unexpected
A girl in a torn dress
Standing at the edge
Leaning into the wind
Running out of the car
Feet thumping the ground
Hands around her waist
Pulling her away from the edge
Falling in a heap

Kaylie falls into a heap in a strangers arms
Crying and sobbing
Curling up in a ball
Leaning into the strangers chest
It starts to rain
Drenching them

Ryan has his arms around a total stranger
This girl that he pulled from the edge
Who collapsed in tears
He pulls his jacket around both of them
It has started to pour

The pain and sorrow is to much for Kaylie
Starts to shift around
Looking for her dagger
Her sobs quiet
As her fingers close around it
She relaxes
Feeling the warm wet blood drip out of her hand

Ryan feels something warm splash on his pants
Lifts up the girls hand to check what it is
And sees her hand dripping with blood
Pries her fingers open
While she is yelling and screaming at him
He sees a silver dagger
Covered in blood
Takes it out of her hand
Throws it off the cliff

Kaylie screams and lunges for the falling dagger
Hands wrapped around her waist
Making her stay
Holding her there
Where she didn't belong
Turns around and starts fighting to be released from the strangers grasp
Punching and scratching
Yelling and kicking
To get free

My name is Ryan says the boy
The girl is still struggling to go over the edge
Holding tight
To this strange girl
In the torn dress
Wondering what has gone so wrong in her life
All of a sudden the girl stops fighting
And just sits there
Then there is a sharp pain in his hand
The girl bit him

"Let go!!!!" My names Kaylie
She screams into Ryan's chest
As all the fight goes out of her
She slumps into him

Ryan hugs Kaylie closer to his chest
Trying to keep safe the lost soul he just found
"It'll be ok"
The rain is beating down on them harder
He can feel Kaylie shivering against his chest
Ryan stands up
Pulls Kaylie with him
"We're going to go sit in my car"
LittleLion19 LittleLion19
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012