The Butterfly Effect

today i saw a figure on this butterfly effect
staring at my window while im laying in my bed
scratching at the surface of a fragile window pane
calling irritating every cell inside my brain
looking at my figure as i stand upon my bed
conscious but responsive on this butterfly of death
glistened by the visions of my shadow in my heart
and i saw all the wonders of what my world tore apart
tragic i imagined what to do if i had wings
fly over the milky way until my feathers bleed
trail across the atmosphere for fear id reach the moon
landed on a star but then collided to my doom
and so did i not see the place that maybe i should see
on the trail of wonders just below the beauty's wings
ellision13 ellision13
22-25, M
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

You are a very talented poet

thanx sorry i promise ill check out your poems and im glad you liked it

Okie please check them out

promise beautiful im doing a couple of stuff around my house

Okie hun

how long have you written poetry

Ever since I was little

just a passion or was there a reason

Just a passion

oo ok

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