I Didn't Mean To

I didn't mean to tell you how i felt,
I wasn't sure that i should,
i should have been silent,
i would go back if i ever could,
i let you into my silent thoughts,
your smile your voice embedded in my heart
and confusion then was wrought,
upon a soul that didn't feel or even want to ever start,
to glimmer, to shimmer to spark to hope,
this heart too scarred and damaged
to believe that this heart  had capacity to cope.....

i didn't mean to tell you at all,
my foolish heart and I ,
never meant to fall
so I write this to you where ever you may be,
i pen my poem like a coward and sign it with a D
my message in a bottle just for you but not put out to sea
i hope you are safe,smiles around you and your heart is filled with bliss,
and just from me to you no one knows just how much i miss,
you and that i truly often do......

i don't hear your voice or see you smile or see you anymore,
I did leave some texts though for you to respectfully ignore,
that's ok you didn't answer I really do understand,
they were never sent to you, with reply from you, a demand,
that's really not my game or definitely not my style,
you can think to take an inch i will always give you a mile
i will never voice my heart's hum to anyone but our heavenly father up above
his gift of spirit helped me write this poem so i send it on into blues skies with love
my thoughts of you,for you,about you,
will always remain written and never spoken,
i send a prayer come what may,
your heart will always stay,
unbroken...... ............D
todreaminblue todreaminblue
41-45, F
Nov 30, 2012