Taking You

Taking you is on my mind

You walk into my crowded library
(It’s mine because I say it is
I revel in passing fancies
And you are one of them)

You sidle past me
Towards the shelf towards which
Curiously, I shall sidle too

Are you watching me as I
watch you stretch revealingly?
Or are you revealingly unwitting?

You wear spectacles, and your hair
tied back, like the rest of you
Which holds back, but when untied
Flows cascading wild

(or is that presuming too much?
I always have been presumptuous
And am often contemptuous)

now I am behind you

An inch separates us
It’s curious how often and how much
an inch can separate

What an inch separates
a moment will undo

Shall I touch you now?
Will you mind?
A voice speaks to me
But who knows of these voices

These are tough choices

So here you are
In a dark grey skirt
That reaches below your knee
Stockings beneath

And I long to know what else
newtoboston newtoboston
31-35, M
Nov 30, 2012