Lady Of The Moon

I look at the moon and think of you
Gazing at this magical view
Nothing I would rather do
I wonder if your looking too.
Luna hides behind clouds scour
Time it chases by the hour
Lost in love and all its power
So much like your swedish flower.
Darkness broken by it brightness
Captured stars gripped in its tightness
Truth revealed within its lightness
Where all the wrongs have turned to rightness.
And as the night in darkness reels
Stars are layered back they peel
So the blackness cannot steal
This light and love that we all feel.
So for the innocent and true
Seen by just a blessed few
Let her light seep into you
And give the lady moon her due.


maltesemermaid maltesemermaid
41-45, F
2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

You really do know how to paint with your words. *smile* This was a truly beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing. :)

awww . . . thank you Kat . . . a truely beautiful compliment indeed . . . and so glad you enjoyed it . . . 8D

Loved the poem and the music! Thanks for sharing them both... :)

thank you sweetie always for your support . . . 8D