Don't Search For Love.

Don't search for love,
it will one day come looking for you.
Your body aches for someone to cares it,
your eyes long for someone to stare deeply in them,
your hands wish to be held gently in the night sky,
your lips desire to feel the heat of someone's tender lips.
But look into your soul and ask yourself,
are you first full of love and patience.

To love another being isn't all fun and games,
commitment comes a long way.
Trust comes a long way.
Love is an adventure of two people and their journeys of
finding one another and being together forever.
Love is friendship between two best friends who are themselves
around each other.
True love is born once, and experienced truely once in life with one person.
To hear one say the three magic words "I love you"
is like a melody being sung beautifully in your ears.

Love will find you one day, true love will circle you one day.
You will find that one person who can change your life greatly,
who will impact you in every way,
who will hold great importance in your life.
who will be yours.

Don't search for love,
It will one day come looking for you.
Unwritten95 Unwritten95
18-21, F
Dec 1, 2012