Happy Holidays Everyone

Christmas time is here at last
A time to think about the past
And as the season travels fast
Don't forget to have a blast.
As I look back upon the year
I see laughter without a tear
Thanx to all of your good cheer
Your hearts I hold quite near and dear.
For folks who have been by my side
Even those who haven't tried
Including those who've said goodbye
Wishing you all a happy yule tide.
And hope the new year is good too
And troubles are but only few
And if there's anything I can do
Know I am always here for you.
. . . Happy Holidays . . .

maltesemermaid maltesemermaid
41-45, F
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

<p>Just lovely, I lov your way such a tender heart! blessings sent!<br />
Warm Christmas cheer!</P>lov, n hugs! x

awww . . . thank you sooo much sweetie . . . blessed be my friend and happy tidings to you I send . . . love and hugs right back atcha . . . 8D

Awww what a beautiful wish......I hope all wonderful holiday happiness finds you too mm... Now and all year long! hugs and hugs... :)

hehehe . . . you are such a sweetie Sierra . . . thank you sooo much . . . hugs and more hugs back . . . 8D