Confusing As Hell

i sat and wondered what i dreamed
until it came reality.
where all could bend at will and change
and brake and mend into my pain.
for all i see is what you get the
realist whose heart he had spit
through all the choosing this sublime
the lryics work but not the ryhme.
in phrases mazes uncanny words you hear the thought
but not the verse
the melody
but not the tone is it so simple to spit from throat.
oh boy the angel of the three is yet this poem confusing.
i need an answer or just a prayer the mind is stirring in dispair.
oh great the boy he goes again saying things so dark and blend.
stop it stop it schitzo freak the people dont care what you can speak
the poem lost in deep a thought
you lost there interest to what you sought.
but riddle riddle if you can
the pledge that started this whole blend.
my oh my hes lost his mind, time, ryhme look at thighs
all so simple dont you see lets complicate to make them leave.
in complex motion here we go
rewind the vocals rephrase the note
to make it lushious and remote
to mutilate the DNA mutation now to recreate
a genises to go withstand
everything that makes you man.
everybit of your distaste find the micro fibered waste.
retract the fusion create the worm that annihilates
what you have learned
and insight to the blinded vague
cough it up and watch it bake.
intriguing yet that what you say
the big the bold the haunted shame
for i could scare you make you mad
fill your heart with hope and sad
confuse the virgins
bellittle kids
make them truly see the threat
for older people now the wise
place it where they cannot hide
to keep the hungry and inrich the fat
to make them piggys that wont attack.
oh wow demonic dont it seem
but what if this is all ill be
what if i go right the wrong
and blanket out the lost and lone
now tell me if i impressed
try and figure this whole mess.
ellision13 ellision13
22-25, M
Dec 2, 2012