Your Fault

I don’t want to be here get me out
Did you have to say that and ruin it all
Now what is left of this friendship
When neither of us even text or call
Much less
Even conversate to say the least but yes
I wasn’t even happy to see you again
We were friends
But now this whole thing is turning over again
And I sigh
And wonder why
I'm sitting here
Wasting my time
Wasting my time
Lets take it back for a second
And relive where we just came from
This thing called the past
And we were still considered young
And just having fun
Messin around
Both feet were never on the ground
Then something snapped
Something terrible changed in your head
You decided where we were wasn’t good enough
And you went and messed it all up
Yes I blame you,
You say your sorry and I know its true
But you do realize
After all the lies
I'm not ever gonna believe you
And then when you come
Come clean I realize that it seems
I will never be the same with you alone
Wait hold the phone
It’s me, telling me to leave
Will I ever be comfortable and be friends
Around you will I ever be free
As they say time heals wounds,
But we’ll just have to wait and see..
LivinInTheClouds LivinInTheClouds
22-25, F
Dec 2, 2012