This Love

This love I feel is all too real
And when i see her face
All but joy is then erased

This love I admire sets my heart afire
Yet when my love is near
My mouth can't overcome its fear

This love, I think, may be at its brink
Because what i now discover
Sets my heart to fluster

This love, I sense, shan't recompense
For all my love, I must conserve
As her heart is presently on reserve

This love I hate and no longer appreciate
These feelings I have, I now regret
That they won't end in a beautiful duet

This love I realize that I despise
This love is such a horrid emotion
and yet for some reason it gains my devotion

This love I know is not for show
The feelings I felt, my heart still retains
So i know my hope in this love still remains

This love I see is not so easy
But i tranquilize and wait for the day
When the love I have finds its way.

RealTalk101 RealTalk101
18-21, M
3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Nice poem but by tranqulize you don't mean alcohol or drugs do you?

No by tranquilize I meant I stay calm

Plz leave comments along with any advice

gorgeous poem from such a young man.....good work wishes....deb