My World

Looked out my window to see the world.
For once I saw light instead of darkness.
Guess that means I'm winning the fight.
I've got a jar of hurts and pains,
put a lid on it to never remember it again.
For a long time I was not strong enough,
to take the lid off.
Guess I thought I didn't need a hand,
But thats not what was planned.
I guess years of tears was finally enough,
to take that lid hand in hand and rip it off.
Now I'm free, free to fly against the wind,
did i win?
I think I just might,
This is my heart, my fight,
You whispered walk but I got up and ran.
You said trust me.
What does that mean?
I guess I'm still a little naive.
I was running for the edge,
expected to jump,
but spread my arms and took flight.
I pictured a Heaven,
my mind can only be a little right.
Guess for now I can only imagine
and put my trust in you,
ya thats what Im gunna do.
Cause dear friend,
I love you.
knifeb4life knifeb4life
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012