I Who Have Nothing

My silence is forever kept/
Like I shot it off in a capsule, like It likes to see planets and travel backwards through black holes/
Run towards conflict, brave participation/
Guns taught the heartless, enslaving civilization/
So I walk through the Serengeti worshiping the Sun Ra/
As I'm taught, the Seven Deadly, turn to a rebel that won't die/
I'll ressurect every single soul from the Mỹ Lai massacre/
And storm the Whitehouse with flags and assorted calibers/
So prepare, cuz the sky's about to bleed blood out from the clouds/
There's gas masks in my back pack, as I'm walking through crowds/
The post-apocalyptic optic fitted with bionic circuitry, implanted surgically/
No way to explain it verbally, but existentialism got me detecting any politicians with financial intentions, advocate dissension and stop him with weapons/

Free Palestine, Free Syria, death to the Rothschild's, and justice to the people.

-RTV The Rebel
Godemis Godemis
18-21, M
Dec 5, 2012