Understanding Insane

this is all the wonder i have yet to understand
take the heaven and the moon and disperse it to my plan
take that little tiny obstacle away from whats in way
so much bolder and more luring how delicious to the taste
im an act of what is valor so im shallow in the sense
that decisions and opinions are intriguing by pretense
on a well deserving urging i am purging to the crave
that so much can be a weakness and that weakness will not break
in an action satisfaction much amusing now and then
but seduction reeks a subject normal just dont understand
its perception lies aggression am i fibbing to the view
when the argument is stated and the moral is rebuked
when everything seems helpless on a course upon the sea
and i twist the word and usage all advantage is to me
now im weary as im fending off the titles of my name
but the argument is question to a mind that is insane

ellision13 ellision13
22-25, M
Dec 5, 2012