I Loved You

I canot dare to hope,
That you will ever understand me.
You will let me down again.
As allways I did trust,
Then you left me in the dust,
Of the passing days like smal children in their wake.

This pain I canot bear,
has finally come to tear,
Me from this situation that I hate.
I leave you now for ever more,
Please don't want me anymore,
I loved yu and you know this still.
As I walk away this last time,
I dream of turning on a dime,
To kiss your cheek an stay here with you.
I mustn't do this no,
So I will leave to show,
That you cannot hurt me now.
kotori4444 kotori4444
13-15, F
2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

I usually don't either. This was a fluke.

I like your poem :) the end shows strength I like the last couple of lines :) I sadly have no rhyming ability in my poems