And He Said

And he said " I am

The one who always did,

The only on who can"

And he said " I will

Be the one who shoulders

The one to foot the bill"

And he said " I always was,

And still am

And will always and forever be."

And he said " I will always was

the sword and shield,

The defender of me and mine

and vengeance through me."

And he said " I am me,

Fear not my violence

Fear not my cold

For it hides a warmth

Meant for few to behold."

And he looked to the sky,

And he touched his chest,

And I saw Blood,

Drenching the sand,

And I knew

And he said" yes"

And I said

An old one, but I've always liked how it never seemed to fully close.

seanjohn37683 seanjohn37683
22-25, M
Dec 6, 2012