To A New Friend....

You've been hurt and you have cried. People took and people lied. You're too young to live this life. Abuse and death, a sharp, dark knife. I know you can hurt, I know you can fight. But deep down inside, this friendship is right. When you spoke of your pain, Your sadness and grief showered like rain. You might stab me, you could hit. But I've survived punches, beatings, and been bit. It's only online, why do I care? I can't see your face, hug you, play with your hair. But somehow I want to be friends, that's who I am. I won't leave you or hurt you, I'll stick to you like jam. So maybe you want me to just go away. But I care, I'm here, and always will be, Okay?
whispersofthepast whispersofthepast
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

That is really good :)

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