Without You

Another poem for the girl i love. She knows who she is and why i love her. It is called

Without You

this is no real place
just a shadow of the future
an echo of your voice

a desert without sun
there is no heat
and no light

life is eclipse
a vacant past and
a present without memory

you are not here
and so i cannot be

you are the breath in my lungs
the blood in my arteries
you are my energy

without you
i am not alone
i am not even dead

without you
i have never existed
i am the void

without you
yulico yulico
70+, F
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

This is really great :) I can really relate to this, I feel the exact same way about a girl

thank you i hope you have good relationship this girl and you both happy. message me about if you like or try chat xxx