Mama, I tried to be the best daughter I could be
I did everything you told me to
I wanted to make you proud of me
When you were sick, I cooked you a stew
I didn't like that you were always on drugs
Look, I drew a picture, of me and you
I ask for hugs
You beat me instead, but Mama, I still love you...

And now your dead
And I don't care
You must have hit my head
Emotionless, at your grave, I stare
LittIeWingsOfRo LittIeWingsOfRo
13-15, F
3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Oh my god little wing. You are truly an amazing person. Even though, you know you are going to get nothing back, you still love her unconditionally. You are an amazing girl, and I wish that one day, I could care as much as you.

Haha. She died a little while ago. Turns out i didnt care about her... :/ I dont care about anyone. Just myself

What?!!! Really?!! Your mom died? I would say, I was sorry, but, I'm not really sure what to

Haha. Lol

U are incredibly precious Wing, I love the fact that u STILL love your mom unconditionally after ALL she's done to u :)) ..u r an AMAZING girl! :)

This tears my heart out. It's soooo sad.


Yes, really It is very well written. When the people who are supposed to protect you, are the ones who hurt you; of course it's sad.