Colors Of Love And Loss

make a pile everything the hopes of gathered blue
whisk away a memory that i assumed we knew
blush a toxic masquerade of violet in my eyes
drown out all the sorrow that the darkness cannot hide
wait until your sleeping so horizon turns to grey
all the stars are weeping in the white that they display
make a wish in wonder on a thunder in the breeze
all the flurry plummets
in a pink and hazel green
sparkling the diamonds in a ruby made of gold
sound of how your breathing is the kiss that i have known
so now turns the barring of a place that i will be
waiting for the color that can fill the space in me

ellision13 ellision13
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Wow. I love this.

thanx im glad you enjoyed it if u get the chance read some of my others

I will. Thanks.

thank u for reading beautiful