Best Friend

I know the most beautiful boy in the world
The entire world, no exceptions
Of course, there are the obvious things that make him beautiful
Dark hair that perfectly frames his perfect face
Dark eyes that speak of depths even the sea can't reach
And smiles with the capability to cheer, to captivate, to mystify

He is free-thinking and intelligent
His words are animated with passion for the knowledge he loves to collect
And although he is too grounded to let emotion carry him away,
His most beautiful characteristic of all
Is his capacity for love.
I don't mean to say that he tries to love everyone
But once someone enters his heart
He holds them there forever.

I have been fortunate
I have held the privilege of watching his personality unfold before my eyes
Slowly and tenderly planting seeds of admiration
That have blossomed into a deeper appreciation

I have been blessed with his friendship

I don't need to say that I love him
It's clear enough in every fond memory, in every word I write
I don't need to tell you how much he means
It's obvious
I've even written a poem about it

But perhaps...
Perhaps I will need the reminder some day
The reminder of how beautiful people can be
And the reminder of the good fortune in my life
You see, nothing in life ever stays the same
This beautiful boy...
Though he is the Sun in my immediate world
Will someday be a faded memory of a passing star

So I will tell you.
I will let you know about the joy I feel
Every time he smiles
I will let you know about the pride that swells in my chest
Every time he compliments me
And I will let you know about the amusement that bubbles up
Every time he teases me
And if the day ever comes when we can't remember each others' names
I will look back on this poem and visit the past,
When I knew the most beautiful boy in the world.
BrknSignet BrknSignet
22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

My goodness! are truly talented with words,that you express with beautiful emotion,truly.What wisdom,and beauty,and depth in your words. That really touched me......I hope your beautiful boy stays beautiful for you always.Thankyou for opening up such poetic wisdom....keep writing,sister....don't stop!

Thank you so much! That poem meant a lot to me when I wrote it. He truly is a special person. The feeling faded into a more quiet appreciation, but he'll always be important. Caring for him helped make me who I am, after all.

You'd be surprised at how much it fades (I am old...

It's funny you say that. I wrote this poem a few years ago, and the feeling faded quite a bit. It amused me to see that I acknowledged it would fade within the actual poem.

I like writing poetry when I feel strong emotions and then reading it years later. It is an interesting reminder of how important some things used to seem.