A Masochists Serenity

All I want is all I need
all I need, makes me bleed
please don't stop because I cry
you're worried but I'll be fine
don't coddle me, just bring me pain
cut me until I leave a stain
whip me, bite me you will
and beat and beat until I'm still
you don't make me bleed
what if that is all I need?
Master, Master have pity on me
no kindness, I want your cruelty

all I want is all I need
all I need makes me bleed

these dark desires lurking
in the shadows, smirking
a darkness setting on my skin
until I feel the pain again
such dark pleasure I receive
you will never believe
I ache, I pine, I yearn for this
I surrender, I'm helpless
a peace settles within me
you don't realize the beauty
the release of being beaten
when will it set in
I am utterly yours, in that moment
until our passions are spent

all I want is all I need
all I need makes me bleed


-I am Slave-
beautifullytwisted beautifullytwisted
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Can I share this please? Your soul seems almost as tortured as mine feels. How do you deal with it without going crazy inside?

Yes , you sure can share it. I think partially, I relish the torture and nurture it , or perhaps just subdue, utilizing creativity. When you get the words on paper, or elsewhere, they really cease to threaten the life outside of them. Writing is a huge outlet for me.

I'm glad for you. I've tried writing, but it seems to heightens the feelings rather than letting them out. At any rate, your words are beautiful and your Master has a true treasure!