My Sonnet

Hey I had to write a Sonnet for English and this is it. I put my feelings into it even though I got laughed at. Just background into: I wear a back brace

Sometimes I wonder why I even try,
Not knowing what lies ahead everyday.
As I am sitting here wondering why,
I just wish I could laugh it all away.
These days and nights drag on like they won't end,
Though each day I am woken and risen.
I wonder when my spine will ever un-bend,
While I'm trapped in this constant prison.
I wish all my pain would just go away,
And stay true in everything I promise.
If I could just end all of this dismay,
To myself I could start being honest.
Through all of this sadness and frustration,
I hope to repair all this devastation.

Hope you like it...
MyRegrets4 MyRegrets4
18-21, M
Dec 12, 2012