Lose Yourself

Folks ask me how I got here; I tell 'em I don't know
Success isn't easy; I just get into the zone.
I pick up a pencil; sometimes it's a pen
Next thing I know I'm well into the Zen.
I know how it sounds; it's all pretty crazy
But when I think back it get's kinda hazy.
When I look at that blank piece of paper in front of me
Staring me down like some sort of enemy.
I mark up the paper until it gets filled
Next thing I know the monster is killed.
Sleighed with the lead and the spirit I've willed
Cashing in for the take with that feeling fulfilled.
Each piece of paper; a bullet of lead
Into the beast; it's nothing I dread.
Losing myself in a moment sublime
Next thing I know; gone is the time.
Not sure how it happens; a hypnotic state
Perhaps I have found that which is my fate.
Success is a calling; for that I am sure
That's to be heard of a soul in its pure.
So when time disappears and it isn't a chore
Found is the ecstasy for all to adore.
And when you look back and question your find
Ask yourself now your own state of mind.
And if you can't answer it's irrelevant you see
You have found that which you were meant to be.
. . . Lose Yourself . . .


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5 Responses Dec 15, 2012

Wow.....This is one I will come back to read again and again. Like some movies you need to watch a couple times to pick up all the nuances...... You put so much into everything to write... :)

WOW indeed . . . very cool . . . thank you Sierra . . . 8D . . . makes my day . . .

You're pure energy!

I am ? . . . hahaha . . . thanx . . . but I think not . . . least lately . . . Eminem . . . now that's pure energy . . . thank you for stopping by my new friend . . . and for reading listening and commenting . . . truely appreciatated . . . 8D

Thank you this really answers my post, "So who am I" It just so happens naturally;)

wow . . . how cool is that . . . thank YOU . . . 8D

enjoyed - funny & serious at the same time,

awesome . . . thanx . . . 8D

Very well done and so mood lifting to read.

thanx jessy . . . and thank you for taking the time to read and comment . . . glad it you liked . . . 8D